Losing My Religion


Kirk Franklin’s new album Losing My Religion is coming out next month (GOD willing)!!! I’m almost starting to drool here. No jokes. This is the most excited I’ve been about new music in a while.

losing my religion album art

The one album I was looking forward to this year was Life Music Stage Two by Jonathan McReynolds. And it came out last month, I bought it today, and will be doing a review here soon. Y’all know how much I support my brother, Jon 😀 But I didn’t realise Uncle Kirk was dropping something as well, until, like, now. (i cover my face for my regular staleness)

I had heard Wanna Be Happy on the radio a few times but for some reason I just thought it was a random or special single. Brain, where were you? 😀 Anyway, bottom line, there’s a whole album coming out! And I think I’m about to hit that pre-order button.

I really hope my excited-ness is coming through. If it’s not, lemme just say again I’M EXCITED! Kirk Franklin is pretty much my music godfather (although he doesn’t know it yet). I literally grew up on his music. 2 songs from the album are on YouTube; and they are brilliant. Kirk Franklin is simply a musical genius. His productions and arrangements are always top-notch, beautiful. I’m always so stoked to listen to such great music that glorifies GOD.

I’ll leave you with the 2 beauties, and the album intro:

Enjoy! x

P.s.: Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since Hello Fear.